<a href="Lady Starling's StockingsLady Starling’s Stockings by Cerise DeLand
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4 Stars!

When I noticed this little jewel was in the freebies (on Kindle) the other day, I knew I had to read it. I didn’t even read what it was about… the cover sold me immediately. Isn’t it gorgeous?

The author did a fabulous job with writing it. The heroine, Lady Solange, catches spies. She’s widowed but she’s only had one love in her life. It was when she was younger and she hasn’t seen him in years.

He calls himself Noir. He’s been keeping up with her secretly for years. Together they look for the spy/spies that threaten their cause…

They also give into their desires. Caution: erotica ahead!

I enjoyed this sweet little book. I loved the history the author added throughout the story and I was pulling for the characters to be together the whole way.

View all my reviews ” title=”Caution: Erotica ahead!”>Caution: Erotica ahead!

Simply yummy!